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Our job is to make yours easier. We use the best, most flexible and most up-to-date software available. It enables workers to restrict the information that can be accessed by Galaxy Pay, giving them control over personal details, access to payslips/remittance slips, P60s, statement of earnings, holiday and pension pot. It’s a bit like having a personal payroll PA!

It’s easy to use and we also provide a detailed ‘how to guide’ along with supporting videos.

Our software is robust. It won’t let us make underpayments to employees, meaning that nobody will get below the national minimum wage or national living wage. The system will also alert us if someone is attempting to use the same national insurance number and email address as another registered person. Holiday pots are detailed on an employee’s payslip and a report is sent to the agency/main contractor detailing the amount that is available to employees. 


We are also able to update and change worker assignment schedules as per the agency’s instructions, and we carry out the appropriate checks to ensure that employees, freelancers and subcontractors are being paid accurately, whilst working under the correct contract.

At Galaxy Pay, we understand that the working day can be all consuming, so we go out of our way to provide after hours contact – you can reach us via telephone, WhatsApp, text and e-mail and we’ll respond as quickly as we can. 

We’re currently having all our documentation translated into multiple languages to help support a growing client base.

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