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Meet Galaxy Pay founder Dayna Woodcock


Hi there, I’m Dayna, the director and founder of Galaxy Pay. I’ve been in the payroll business for 15-years now, although I began my career as a chef, aged 16 working in the UK and America. In my 20s, I decided to change direction and got a job as an admin assistant at a payroll company.

I enjoyed the job, but I wanted to know more, so I set out to try and discover what challenges clients face when it comes to payroll and why businesses need to outsource. I took the research seriously and worked in every section of the industry from telesales, through to business development and training.

In the midst of the pandemic in 2021, I asked my contacts to tell me what they felt was missing in the payroll industry. I’ve always had great relationships with clients and they were really honest with me. I took on board what they said and decided that in order to become the best in the business, I had to form a brand new payroll company.

And so, Galaxy Pay was formed. It’s a new company that draws on all of my experience and my promise to you is that your business couldn’t be in better hands when it comes to payroll. We know our stuff and always strive for excellence, but more importantly, we really care. I look forward to working with you!


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Dayna Woodcock